Services4-IT Office

Our New Brand Identity

09 Aug 2023

The human being in the center

People, with their individual needs and challenges, are at the center of everything we do. We therefore design close, authentic and accessible. We make our optimistic, human attitude visible through openness, emotionality and a flowing design language.

Our New Design

Our new brand design is a brand image that is aesthetic, confident and agile. We formulate everything from a strong, perspective form. Our design inspires, activates and involves. Our shapes and structures are clear and the design is focused on the essentials. The reduced design makes information understandable, intuitively graspable and leaves room for emotional content.

Our brand color: Cyan Blue

Conveys alertness, awareness, clarity, mental openness and freedom, calmness and inspires confidence.

Our accent color: Orange

Our figurative mark

Invites playful interaction and forms a perspectival, new space