Server operation

Our server operations team aims to provide customers with flexible service and business continuity.

We perform our work as needed according to ITIL recommendations, adapted to the requirements of our customers. Our team has extensive experience in operating, deploying and supporting operating systems and applications. We have experience in installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, optimizing performance and preparing operational documentation for full system monitoring.

Our operational portfolio includes Windows and Linux-based operating systems, standard and third-party applications, middleware and web servers. Our tasks include system design, architecture and integration consulting, and encryption technologies.

An excerpt of our skills

Windows Server
Active Directory
Microsoft BizTalk
Oracle Linux

Database operation

We offer our customers the simplest way to build and operate more complex database architectures and operations. In addition to operating the systems, we provide support for performance optimization and the introduction of new technologies and functions.

The diversity in operation is also shown in the fact that our experts are familiar with Oracle domains in the topics of Dataguard, RAC, Oracle Clusterware or Exadata as well as with the MSSQL sections on failover and always-on options for high availability. Besides our long experience and qualification, our current customer satisfaction is a guarantee for quality service.

An excerpt of our skills

Oracle Version 9i-19c
Real Application Cluster (RAC)
Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Clusterware
RMAN Backup and Recovery
Cloud Control
Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Infrastructure operations

Our classic and new LAN, WAN and Data Center infrastructures are operated by our skilled team of internationally qualified employees. We emphasize the design, implementation and management of next-generation data center, security and cloud solutions with DevOps, NetOps and SecOps technologies and toolbars.

Our team emphasizes infrastructure management and automation, resulting in high customer satisfaction and low SLA.

Design, implementation and operational tasks are performed according to international standards and methodologies under strict quality control with an application-oriented approach tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

An excerpt of our skills

Microsoft Hyper-V
VMware ESX
Cisco ASA/Firepower
Cisco Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center (ACI)
Juniper Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center
HPE Routing & Switching, Data Center

Application Development

In order to keep pace with constantly evolving IT technologies, we are well versed in the development of conventional and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. Your requirements determine the technologies used and the development methodology (e.g. flexible for constantly changing requirements). It is especially important that we have close collaboration between business users and the development team throughout the application lifecycle. Our goal is to achieve the best customer satisfaction and user experience (UX).

Our developers have extensive experience with the most commonly used programming languages and technologies in the enterprise environment such as C# / .NET, Java, and PHP. Our colleagues are competent in development and testing with Ab Initio software, which specializes in efficient processing of large amounts of data. Whether batch diagrams or continuous flow, ETL tasks or integration.

By leveraging existing and continuously updated platforms and frameworks, we have the ability to focus on what matters most: Software tools and applications that support your business processes and productivity.

We have been engaged in the development, management and optimization of appeleon-based applications since 2015. Our portfolio includes deployment, configuration, out-of-the-box or custom modules for Odoo platform based enterprise management systems. In addition, our activities include the development and customization of Valuemation software solutions for the various areas of service management, tailored to business requirements. By using the Soffico Orchestra interface support platform, we can quickly connect heterogeneous systems.

Due to their versatility, these technologies allow us to develop web applications for myriad business processes such as order tracking, error handling, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory records and human resources activities. We offer unique solutions for widespread Netcracker RBM configuration and customization. You can find a more detailed description under the menu item "Billing".

An excerpt of our skills

From initio
appeleon agile environment
IBM WebSphere MQ
NetCracker RBM
Soffico Orchestra


We have extensive experience with Netcracker RBM and Ericsson BSCS billing system.
We also provide custom billing systems and also operation, support (2nd and 3rd level), configuration or development and testing tasks. System integration, data migration between billing systems and comprehensive data processing are also our specialties. Automated solutions make your system easier, smoother and more secure.

An excerpt of our skills

Netcracker Rating and Billing Manager (RBM)
Ericsson BSCS
Customized billing systems

SAP development and consulting

Our development projects are based on the waterfall model and agile development methodology, tailored to the specific needs of our customers according to the technological environment and business processes.
Our team is constantly expanding as well as the complexity of our projects is increasing. We are confident that with our innovative and collaborative team, we will continue to deliver world-class solutions to our customers.

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Sharepoint and Project Server development, consulting

Thanks to our SharePoint team, we can perform small, medium-size projects or even continuous development work over several years. We are very familiar with both the waterfall model and agile development methodologies.

Our portfolio includes customizations (creating simple and fast solutions for SharePoint sites or customizing Project Server), custom software extensions (for SharePoint or related technologies or Project Server-based extensions, even in the cloud) and migration (version change, data migration, feature transfer).

An excerpt of our skills

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Project Server
SharePoint Online
Project Online
Office 365
Nintex Workflow
Nintex Forms
MS SQL Server
MS SQL Server Business Intelligence

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI plays an important role in more and more companies today. Fast and error-free delivery of purchase orders, invoices, delivery bills and similar documents is essential for effective operations. Performing these processes manually (e.g., sending emails by email or fax, or even sending orders by phone) is often slow, tedious and, unfortunately, often inaccurate.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) digitizes and automates these processes, making it easier, faster, more economical and more efficient.

The members of our team have many years of EDI experience in the food, IT and other important industries, used and accumulated in the Western European market.

This way we can offer our service in excellent quality and in several languages (Hungarian, English, German) at a reasonable price.

An excerpt of our skills

In-house (custom standards, often CSV)
Order confirmation
Delivery bill

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The design, deployment and operation of the Amazon Web Services Framework are part of our qualified team of specialists. Within the AWS infrastructure, we have expertise and references in compute, storage, and network, where we build and operate a private or hybrid cloud architecture. By effectively leveraging the elements of the AWS system, we can create a virtual data center environment in a very short time to develop, test or run new or existing applications. We integrate the AWS infrastructure with the customer's existing system via a secure data connection channel and, of course, provide AWS content delivery services to publish services on the Internet.

The mobility and scalability of the AWS infrastructure enables the creation of a highly efficient Hibrid Cloud system that opens up new perspectives in application management.

The AWS platform natively supports running most virtual network devices from most major network vendors along with BYOL (Bring Your Own License) license terms from Cisco, Juniper, F5, or Palo Alto; when we want to leverage the functionality of known network elements in the public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The AWS system provides proprietary tools to adapt and support emerging technologies such as: the Internet of Things (IoT). Our team places special emphasis on the use of DevOps and NetOps, which ensure a high level of automation, availability and data security.

An excerpt of our skills

Amazon EC2
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
Amazon EC2 Container Registry
Amazon Elastic Container Service
Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes
Amazon Lightsail
AWS Batch
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Fargate
AWS Lambda
AWS Serverless Application Repository
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
VMware Cloud on AWS

Testing, test automation

Our colleagues have years of experience - regardless of project methodology - in various environments in both manual and automated testing.

Our test managers support the entire test cycle from planning to operation as required. On request, we integrate automated tests into the deployment process in close contact with developer and operator teams.

Our automated testing service provides full cross-browser coverage with the help of external suppliers (Sauce Labs). We support you through our quality professionals to achieve the highest possible quality of your application, be it desktop or web application.

An excerpt of our skills

Selenium, Selenium GRID
Xpath, CSS, JQuery
JUnit, Spock